Cover Letters and Resumes

Cover letter writing and resume design might equate to stress and anxiety for you. But for Tori, they are the perfect blend of creativity and organization. Let yours stand out!

Resume Package

Get a resume that feels as professional and unique as you.

Receive a new design with copy edits that is 100% yours.

Cost: $75.00 USD

Cover Letter Package

For one specific job or for a general option get a cover letter that sounds like you, while highlighting your specific strengths that will allow anyone to see how special you are.

Cost: $75.00 USD

Combo Pack

Have your own matching cover letter and resume set that allows your career history and professional experience to shine!

Cost: $125.00 USD

Tori took my resume and brought it to the next level so it stands out and says more than just a basic list of my credentials. She taught me to focus on writing my resume so it shows the person reading it what my skills are, not just tells them. She crafted my resume so it wasn’t too wordy, but said a lot in a succinct way. After Tori helped me craft my resume, I was confident that recruiters and companies would see my resume and notice me more. A recruiter reached out to me just based on my resume and I landed my career job. 

  • Alex Schlater

Tori did such an amazing job with my resume and cover letter! I had been looking to spruce both documents up for a while, but couldn’t get it just right. Tori took the time to really understand what I was looking for, what my goals were professionally, and tailored both materials exactly for my needs. I was offered a job within weeks of the updated resume and cover letter thanks to Tori! If you are in need of reworking your resume, I could not recommend Tori more! You will not be disappointed! 

  • Chris Pahler