Victoria Muzyk

Victoria Muzyk is technically from New York and she is a writer, editor, and activist. Victoria earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing with a specialization in Journalism from Champlain College.

When not working, traveling, or roaming local bookstores, Victoria crafts personal essays on heartbreak, body liberation, addiction, recovery, and modern-day feminism.

Currently, she is the Digital Communications Manager for The Alliance for Gun Responsibility, a non-profit working to end gun violence throughout our communities.

And her friends call her Tori.

Tori’s been described as a firecracker, tornado, hummingbird, whirlwind, and forest fire.

Writing, journaling, and doodling are essential tools for processing. But Tori found that there wasn’t a journal for the breakup that’s raw and exposed. So she designed a notebook to carry you through the heartbreak you’re feeling with sections to place the songs that make you think of them, the texts you wish you could send, and more.